What do you think you are celebrating?!?

Woodcliff United Celebrates Becoming an Affirming Church

“What do you think you are celebrating!?”

Those were the words my mom often used when she found my friends and me in costumes, and running around the yard in joyful abandon.  We were connecting with the deep joy of being creative, diverse, authentic  and fully accepting of each other! Kids are great at that! I was learning! And I have learned more of those same lessons of  inclusion, authenticity, and acceptance both from the LGBTQ2S+ community and from my faith community. On this journey toward becoming an Affirming congregation we have listened to stories, watched films, read books, attended events and I personally have become excited about the way forward. I’m excited about our celebration of this community of faith making a conscious decision to publicly, intentionally and explicitly include those in the margins of our community, be that local or global. I celebrate that YOU, the people of Woodcliff, and followers of the way of Jesus, have taken on the real work of celebrating Jesus’  love and inclusion! I have this wild and reckless dream of life where intentional inclusion is no longer just a dream. Let’s work together to make it an everyday reality!

So Mom, that’s what I think we’re celebrating!

Myrl Eddy

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