Who We Are

Get to know your church community.

We are Woodcliff United Church

Our Sunday Worship is at the heart of our community life where we gather together virtually at 10 am each week online to worship.

But our wonderful church is buzzing with activity all week long. The strength of any church is in the dedication of its members. Woodcliff is fortunate to have a strong, caring group of volunteers helping in the life and work of Woodcliff United Church. Woodcliff’s congregation is passionate about all of our programs and we invite you to explore these in What We Offer.

We are also fortunate to have a wonderful staff team that contributes to the community and we introduce those folks to you here so you recognize their smiling faces when you visit the church.

We strive to be a vibrant, caring and inclusive community living our faith.

Our Staff

Reverend Sue Rodgers


Sandra Atkinson

Music Director

Sheri Bolitho

Faith Formation Coordinator

Charlotte Petti

Office Administrator

Carly Russell

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Our Church Council and Board of Trustees

Woodcliff United Church Council meets the second Tuesday of each month. All are welcome to attend Council meetings and please feel free to contact a Council member directly with any cares or concerns.

  Name Role
Charlene Baker Outreach
Carolyn Chin Communications
Heather McDonald M&P
Duty of Care
John Jozsa  Treasurer
Rhonda Dietzler CONNECT
Mary Jane Holberton Chair
Ron Holberton Worship
Alison Jozsa Nominations
Cathy Larsen Secretary
Christian  Development
Evelyn Russell Pastoral Care
Region Rep
Barry Kowalsky Property
Janet Wilson Vice Chair
Linda Hatfield
Barry Kowalsky
George Olsen
Cathy Williams


Woodcliff’s rich history on the west-side of Calgary

Woodcliff United Church is a member of the wider United Church of Canada and was chartered on April 7, 1957. In 1960, through the generous land gift of the Edworthy family, a Christian Education Building was erected on the former Shaganappi Ranch site, which is now the entrance to Edworthy Park. Woodcliff serves the southwest communities of Spruce Cliff, Wildwood, Rosscarrock, Westgate, Coach Hill, Strathcona, Signal Hill, Patterson, with an increasing outreach to the newer developing communities on the west side of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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