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May 28, 2017

Please join us at 10:00 am for worship service with programming for children and youth.

All are welcome!

5010 Spruce Drive SW



Last weekend, the McDougall Church of Morley, Alberta, which was built in 1875 by Rev. George McDougall, was razed by fire. A significant piece of our history, as part of the Methodist church in Western Canada, burnt with it. Built during a period of unrest among our First Nations people, the Morley mission was received with mixed feelings. Many welcomed the arrival of the missionaries who brought medical and much needed material support to the people who had lived here for thousands of years. Others among the Stoney-Nakoda and Blackfoot people of southern Alberta were less receptive and kept their distance. The McDugall Church is one small part of our history, growing out of our Methodist tradition, as the United Church of Canada. The United Church was born out of an Act of Parliment on bringing together the Methodist Church, the Congregationalist Church, the Presbyterian Church and various smaller Union Churches that existed in the west at the time. We have been in existance as a church for nealy 100 years. Who are we today and what are the beliefs that govern our actions as a church in the world today? We'll explore a wee bit of that in our time together on Sunday.



Scriptural Reading:

John 17: 1-11



We're Gonna Worship Christ the King - Choplin





























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