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A Message from Rev. Linda: 


I watched, with fascination, the Presidential debate that was broadcast this past Tuesday.  I, along with many other Canadians, am having difficulty grasping how it is possible for a man like Donald Trump to aspire to the highest office in his country, all the while denigrating scores of people based on their ethnicity, their gender, their economic status or their religious beliefs.  What is the seething anger that seems to be bubbling under the surface of American life that would give life to such a candidate?

 I have thought about this a great deal and keep coming back to one word:  entitlement.  Part of the problem lies in the fact that some groups in America, mostly white people who have lost jobs and status, have been told, all of their lives, that they are the best of the best in the world.  The American narrative has always been that it is the greatest country in the world.  But, as Donald Trump says, it is now a mess and he will be the one to personally make America great again, restoring America to its vaunted position as the “best of the best.”  And that’s where the sense of entitlement comes in.  The American people are entitled to their special place in the world because they are, after all, the best of the best in the world.

 Now I am a proud Canadian, however, I hope I am able to see the hubris in the misguided thinking of a man like Donald Trump.  Truth be told, ALL of us in this world are part of the delicate web of life that God has created.  As such, all of us are worthy of the bounty that our earth offers up to us every day.  No one of us is more entitled than another.  Jesus understood this when he reminded the wealthy and powerful in his culture that, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  In other words, there will be no distinction among us, and that in God’s world, all of us are equal.  No one is more entitled than another.  But Donald Trump keeps saying that some Americans are more entitled than others and, certainly, that America is a more entitled nation than the other nations of the world.

 Donald Trump claims to be a man of faith—the Christian faith.  I wonder if he has ever read the Bible?

 Shalom and blessings,



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