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A Message from Rev. Linda: 



I have just spent the past two weeks enjoying the food, culture and people of Spain and Portugal.  I have been accompanied on this journey by 20 other intrepid travellers who made every day an adventure and a time of pure joy.  And now I have returned to the beautiful fall season in our part of the world.

Coming home always brings a feeling of contentment and peace.  I am returning to my comfy bed, with my special foam pillow and am able to enjoy the coolness of the room as I drift off into sleep, knowing I am safe.  I am home.

I have never been without a home, surrounded by the momentos of my travels, the blessing of clean, running water and, most importantly, the joy of children and grandchildren filling the house with noise, confusion and hugs.  This cannot be said by thousands of people in our province today.  I think of our friends in Fort McMurray, still waiting for their new homes to be built after a devastating fire.  I think of the 1,200 people who sleep on thin rubber mats at the Drop In Centre every night.  And I am reminded of the thousands of Albertans who simply cannot afford to keep a roof over their heads.

That is why I am so committed to the work of Habitat for Humanity, providing a way for lower income families to buid a house where they, too, can return each night to a comfy bed, perhaps with a special foam pillow for their arthritic necks, drifting off into sleep knowing that they are safe and living in stabilized housing.  Our church has committed our support to the Calgary InterFaith Habitat for Humanity Build.  We, along with our Muslim, Jewish and other Christian friends, are working shoulder to shoulder to bring affordable housing to two families with special needs children.

I hope that each one of us will find ways to support the Build so that every family can joyfully say, “It's good to be home!”



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