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A Message from Rev. Linda: 


We light the Candle of Joy.....
Sunday, December 11th, marks the third Sunday in the Advent Season.   On our Advent Wreath, the pink candle is lit, symbolizing the joy we feel as we prepare for the birth of the Christ Child.  Our worship service will be filled with joyful music, liturgical dance and talented musicians.  I am so grateful that it is time to light a candle for joy because it has been tough to feel joyful in Alberta this week.

And I am not talking about the weather!
I am talking about a rally held in Edmonton last weekend in which “mob mentality” took over and the Premier of our province was subjected to a mindless chant that was often used at Trump rallies in the United States.  The rally in Edmonton was organized by an ultra right media group called Rebel Media which is owned and operated by Ezra Levant.  And the politicians who spoke at the rally stood by and let it happen.  Neither Brian Jean nor Chris Alexander made any effort whatsoever to stop the chanting.
I uphold the right of these folks to peacefully protest policies and to express their concern about those policies.  However, a line was crossed at that rally which sent a chill up my spine.  Disagreeing with each other is a integral part of every liberal democracy, but when a person is physically threatened in the political arena, we have moved into the edges of facism.  Rachel Notley has been demonized and physically threatened a great number of times during her tenure as our Premier and all Albertans should be disgusted by it.  And be concerned about it.
Overreacting?  I don’t think so.  This is how a liberal democracy is lost.  With physical threats and implied threats against the safety of others.  And very soon, a group of people is scapegoated and the threats become real and violent. We see it everywhere in our world and are called to speak against it.
Some of you will be saying to yourselves that the church should stay out of politics and stick to matters that are spiritual in nature.  We, as the church, do not have that luxury.  The world needs us to speak out.  The founder of our faith, Jesus of Nazareth, always stepped into the political arena because he challenged the power structures of his day that left so many of his people marginalized.  And what did he encourage his followers to do?  To love one another.  Now that is a chant worth taking up!


Blue Christmas (Longest Night) Service
7:00 PM Wednesday, December 21, 2016.
This is a worship services for those who have a heaviness in their heart this Christmas. This will be a contemplative service of healing and hope for those who are hurting this Christmas.
Christmas Eve Services
4:00 PM Family Service

7:00 PM Candles and Carols

11:00 PM Candles, Carols and Communion 
There will be no Service on Christmas Day 





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